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Pierce The Darkness There is a time and a moment in every generation. When things come to a tipping point where people can no longer take the push of darkness. There comes a sound from a people that release light through their voice and release praise in the atmosphere. With faith, sound & love it becomes moments of reformation and restoration. Gifts of grace and power released into a time and everything changes when the darkness is pierced!

Christ The Lord

Christ The Lord [EP] encompasses music that speaks not just to the Christmas Holiday or just to Jesus's Birthday but speaks to who Jesus was born to be, who he was as he lived on earth and who he is to us all now.  This is a collection of Christmas music including Instrumentals and classic songs.

Thirst 4 U 

This amazing song of encouragement moves you with a smooth melodic melody and a message of Hope that puts Christ as the center of everything. There is a Thirst for answers in the world and in life in general.  A true need for Christ.  No matter what the circumstance know that with Jesus everything will be better.  


This album captivates the word of God and puts it inside of creative and exciting music! It takes you from praise to worship with songs of encouragement and songs to make you feel good!

Christmas Gift Cover .jpg

Christmas Gift

A glorioius Yuletide tune shares a timely message for today's culture and offers hope for troubled times.  Celebrate the greatest love which is the gift that Jesus is and the need to share that gift with others!

In All Your Glory.jpg

In All Your glory

If you like praise and you like worship this is an album you have got to have. This album contains both sides of the spectrum. It has 5 Intense praise songs and 7 Heart felt worship songs that will lead you into the presence of God.


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