Richard Davis

Integrity - Excellence - Legacy - Good Music


Music is a universal language that speaks to the human condition; the ideologies, beliefs, thoughts, and experiences of mankind. Certain
people are designed and/or gifted with being the emissaries and ambassadors to deliver music, Richard Davis is one of these people.

As a Minister of the Gospel, Richard Davis has accepted not only his calling to preach and share God’s Gospel, but also to use his musical gifts to the help build the Kingdom.

He has allowed God to use and grow him by blessing him to hone his craft and work with some of the most noteworthy of talents within the Gospel Music Industry. Talents like Byron Cage, Vickie Winans, Hezekiah Walker, Dottie Peoples, the late Daryl Coley, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Michael Pitts, Bryan Popin, and Stephen Hurd have been a part of his cultivation as a musician and Minister of Music. He is a noteworthy psalmist, producer, and preacher in his own right.


With a diverse musical education, Richard was first introduced to the Gospel music industry with his first CD, In All Your Glory in 2006. In a short time, he founded his
own studio, R2D Music Productions and garnered a lot of acclaim and success as one of the top studios in the Washington, DC. Area. His Sophomore Album, Purity, was Nationally Released in July of 2012. In December of 2016 he released a Nationally Hit Holiday Single, Christmas Gift that charted #1 on the iTunes Billboard.

Richard has been able to transcend the potential limitations and hindrances of the music industry and has positioned himself as a stellar musician, writer, and producer. He continues his ministerial duties at as Director of Music & Fine Arts at Strong Tower Ministries in Fredericksburg, VA and is known as a passionate and gifted worship leader.

In 2016 he was tapped as Vice President and Director of Artist Relations for the Jonre Music Group, and Director of Label Operations for 9585 Records. Richard Davis is a man on the rise, a musical maverick, and a faithful contributor to the faith.

Richard T. Davis 2017